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Laboratory Nagel offers a wide rang of labservices. A small selection of our options: molasses, cocoa, sugar, oils / fats, animal feed and animal feed raw materials. We perform microbiological analysis and other research.

Labservices at our laboratory are handled with the utmost care and safety. We are familiar with a variety of sample matrices. When sending samples, you (tacitly) agree to our general terms and conditions, which are freely available on request. Our laboratory specialises in a large number of analysis methods which are discussed on the following pages, among others. We perform the analysis according to the known and less known (international) standards. Such as ASTA, EC guidelines, ICUMSA, IOCCC/Caobisco/ICA​, ISO, NEN, United Molasses. You can also come to us for research into the presence of undesirable substances such as toxins, pesticides and heavy metals.

For possible sampling, you can be able to hire the services of fellow companies where quality is guaranteed.