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Foodstuffs are subject to strict requirements in terms of composition and content. Our independent laboratory plays a crucial role in guaranteeing safety for both manufacturer and consumer.

The consumers must be able to see what they eat. Manufacturers are therefore required to list the exact composition of their product on the product label. This includes calorific values, fats, sugars, crude fibres and proteins.

Assessment and analyses

We offer a wide range of labservices. Our laboratory specialises in assessments and analysis of foodstuffs and raw materials such as cocoa, sugar, oils, and fats. Our tests on calorific values, fats, sugars, raw fibres, protein etc., are conducted in accordance with European legislation. We also look for unwanted substances such as pesticides, dioxins, and mycotoxins. Our microbiological assessment safeguards the quality of perishable foods or food products with a limited life span.

Optimization of foodstuffs

The assessment results we provide will enable the manufacturer to optimize the food products for sale to the consumer. Our independent, accurate and efficient advice contributes to the safety of the food products we consume. Tasty and pure, for healthy and happy people.

Sound analysis – optimal and safe foodstuffs– healthy food – healthy people – happy people